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Dog Toothbrush Cat Toothbrush

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  • ✅【Two-fingered Dog Toothbrush】 Most pets suffer from dental diseases, so oral care for pets is very important. Two-finger design dog toothbrush is better to use than a single finger. Just a few swipes, you can quickly clean the entire mouth. With a finger toothbrush, you can better take care of your dog's oral cavity, which can effectively reduce the production of plaque and tartar, and refresh your pet's breath.


  • ✅【Comfortable & Useful】 Dog tooth brushing kit is made of soft cotton and nylon, which is softer than silicone and more comfortable to wear. The finger toothbrush made of elastic fiber has good elasticity, can fit your fingers well and is not easy to fall off, so it is better to use. Thread design can increase friction, which makes cleaning more thorough.


  • ✅【Better Cleaning Effect】 This small dog toothbrush can clean teeth in all directions without dead ends. Using a finger toothbrush can better control the pressure and angle of brushing, and the effect of using two fingers is better. Finger toothbrush has good elasticity to fit the fingers and fit human fingers of all sizes.


  • ✅【Safe & Non-toxic】 By physical methods, it is safe, non-toxic and effective to clean the pet's mouth with a dog toothbrush holder. You will never have to worry about dogs getting sick from eating products containing neem oil. Without other odors, dogs will be more likely to cooperate with tooth cleaning, and can feel the pleasure of dog teeth cleaning.


  • ✅【Dog Tooth Brushing Kit】 We provide 4 sets of washable and reusable finger toothbrush. One set for two fingers can be used multiple times, which is durable. It is recommended to replace with a new dog toothbrush after 2-3 times of use.